Modifying your Liquid E-Cig

I have been vaping with liquid-based e-cigarettes and it leaks the juice here and there.  This tends to get very annoying.  Most of the time, I do not know that it leaks and it tends to get all over the place.  Sometimes it leaks in my bag or pocket.  I mean, the leak just smells like my blueberry flavored liquid, but it also leaves an ugly stain … not fun.

In a nutshell, the standard liquid e-cig has this cotton-y material, which is supposed to absorb the flavored juice.  However, it is cheap and does not do the trick.  Therefore, you can remove the standard cotton material and swap it out for a more foam-y material.  The recommended foam is from any aquarium-based foam.  I went to Petsmart and picked one up for around $5.

After, this is all I did.

  • Just take the foam and cut enough to fill out the spot
  • Refill the reservoir with the e-cig liquid
  • Re-attach the compartment to the liquid e-cig
  • Smoke!

Check out this video from ecigsimplified.  My friend sent me this tutorial on how to replace your standard material for the foamy material.  I tried it and it does help, as the liquid is better absorbed and less leaking!  It is a cheap add-on that will allow a better smoking experience.


Liquid Vapors vs Regular Smoke

Smoking vs Vaping — what is the difference?  Smoking actual involves smoke, thousands of chemicals, and the unpleasant smell.  Vaping, on the other hand, is like smoking but releases water vapor.  Further, the only smoking flavors are traditional, ‘light,’ and menthol.  Liquid e-cigs can be whatever-flavored and does not have nearly as many chemicals as traditional cigarettes.

Therefore, liquid e-cigs are portable, refillable, and does not have as many restrictions as traditional cigarettes.  I smoke both traditional and liquid e-cigs.  I mainly prefer liquid e-cigs because I can carry different flavored liquids and switch out whenever I like.  Also, compared to traditional cigs, I can smoke almost everywhere also gives it an edge.  Thus, if you just like to smoke, I would recommend liquid e-cigs over traditional.  If you are trying to quit, try a liquid e-cig a try!  You can get different milligrams of nicotine, so you can wane down and eventually quit (or if you want, get zero milligram liquid).

E Cigs Allowed in Restraunts

The number of restaurants that allow people to smoke e cigs would be too large for us to compile here.  There is no publish way to determine whether a restaurant will allow you to smoke an ecig or not.

Every community is different.

The privilege to smoke in an establishment is going to be up to the owner of the restaurant.

Normally, when you go out to eat dinner and you need to smoke, you go out side and smoke.  With an ecig, if the owner allows you to smoke inside then you can enjoy inside.  If they don’t allow you then you can either go outside or go to the bathroom and smoke inside one of the stalls and no one will be wiser.

You can also probably get away with it if you hold your hand in just a way that the entire ecig is covered inside your hand and then you can puff on it and again no one will be wiser.

So don’t stress out about which restaurants allow you to smoke.

Miley Cyrus Smoking ECigs


Miley Cyrus, according to many celebrity tabloids has been seen all over Hollywood smoking a ecigs.  I been seeing photos of her smoking regular cigarettes and ecigs.

In this photo, she is on the lake showing off her beautiful body, with her cute little dog, smoking on a ecigarette.

Miley is not the first and only celebrity smoking electronic cigarettes these days as it is become a popular smoking alternative to nasty cigarettes.